Accounting of Corporate Social Responsibility

Accounting Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Conscious Capitalism is a business concept borne from the idea that making money may be necessary for a company to survive, or even thrive, but it is not an end in and of itself. This concept is juxtaposed with classical notions of capitalism where factors of production, namely the various forms of capital, are used for a singular purpose: to augment the means of production. Good companies may indeed be reliable engines of wealth but great companies are also agents of social prosperity.

A plant grows by producing sugar (transforming carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen) yet getting larger and generating offspring is not its overarching purpose; rather it is to enhance the ecosystem to which it belongs by, for example, supplying oxygen to the animals therein.

The main by-product of a prosperous company is employment. A community actively contributing to the workforce is a measure of its well-being. But it must do so consistently over time for that well-being to truly take hold. A plant may end up being forage for animals in its ecosystem but its offspring will continue to replenish the supply of oxygen and, in so doing, help maintain the ecosystem.

Return On Social Responsibility

A company must think organically in order to sustain the well-being of the communities it serves, and in which it interacts. It must consider the three facets of value generation: financial, social and environmental.

Value optimization in 3D is a self-perpetuating process allowing a company to reach levels of prosperity that would otherwise have been much more difficult to attain.

We analyze your operation to determine whether it is in fact generating value in three dimensions.

Social Responsibility Assessment

Our expertise in community building, acquired by our participation in development programs and evaluation projects, lends itself well to assisting companies in formulating initiatives that support a social agenda.

We can help you devise a program that validates your community-building objectives.


We analyze needs assessments and evaluate multi-national programs designed to build capacity in developing nations.



We provide the means for a corporate board of directors to assess the performance of company officers.



We calculate the impact of your social responsibility program on business operations and the communities in which you operate.