Michel Laurendeau
Senior Associate

Michel Laurendeau is interested in how leaders make decisions and manage processes. Having worked in program evaluation within the Canadian federal government for more than 30 years, Mr. Laurendeau has too often experienced the deconstructing effects of subjective thinking. So, for the past ten years, Michel has committed his consulting career to improving results-based management through the provision of performance information and recommendations on public policies and programs that are useful and supportive of management decision-making processes.

Michel Laurendeau has assisted the Canadian Federal Government in its effort to incorporate the evaluation function in its strategic plan, including the 2001 renewal of its Evaluation Policy and the development of integrated approaches to performance measurement that brings evaluation and accountability requirements in line with results-based management. More recently, Michel developed a flexible approach using integrated logic/causal models to articulate program theories of change and identify key performance indicators along well specified chains of results. This approach has been used successfully by several Canadian government organizations, and is currently receiving worldwide attention.

Michel Laurendeau holds a Master of Arts in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Economics, from the University of Ottawa (Canada) and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, from Montreal University (Canada). Michel is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), as well as the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and is actively involved in the advancement of evaluation as a practice and field of study.