Our Ethics

Our Ethics

Code of Conduct

Ghubril Ltd., its employees and consultants are committed to maintaining a high standard of conduct, both professionally and personally.

Responsibility to Clients

  • Serve the long-term well-being of our clients and their stakeholders
  • Recognizing our clients’ values along with their personal, organizational and cultural beliefs.
  • Appreciating diversity in any environment.
  • Make explicit our beliefs, values and ethics when necessary.
  • Inform clients whenever our services may no longer be provided in the letter and spirit of this code.
  • Conduct all consultations in ways that are honest, responsible, and that uphold client confidentiality.
  • Never divulge confidential or private information without consent of the parties concerned.
  • Indicate when disclosure is required by law or necessitated by public health or safety.
  • Make the limits of confidentiality clear to clients and participants.
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner that adheres to the highest international ethical standard.
  • Inform those with whom we work about the implications and risks, if any, of their participation.
  • Hold ourselves accountable by evaluating and assessing the effects of our work.
  • Establish fair contracts that ensure timely delivery of services based on agreed scope and price.
  • Recognize transparency and frankness as an important adjunct to ethical behaviour.
  • Identify, declare and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Inform the client at the earliest opportunity when serving similar organizations.
  • Never use non-public information about a client to gain an advantage, financial or otherwise.
  • Ensure the veracity of our public statements, be it in our work or in our advertising and promotion.
  • Avoid any undertaking that is beyond our capacity to deliver.
  • Refrain from any activity that could be construed as a solicitation of favours.
  • Respect the ethical guidelines set in place by the client

Personal Responsibility

  • Act with integrity and candour.
  • Recognize personal needs and interests, and assert them in ways that are fair to all concerned.
  • Develop and maintain our individual competence and expertise.
  • Establish co-operative relations with other professionals.